11 August 2006

Breaking the mold

I know, people assume that someone working in the entertainment industry, or working in the industry, must be a liberal. It is apparently a foregone conclusion.

This perception comes from all of the high-profile liberals- liberal to the point of moonbattery, really- that are in the industry. My theory on these particular beasties is that many of them never really 'lived life' long enough to learn the lessons that create a conservative. In particular, self-reliance seems to be missing out here once you 'make it'- specifically, as an actor, and many directors. (more another day on my theories with that...)

When I originally moved out here, I had a job at a VFX studio. A friend was offered a job at the same studio, but refused based on the violent content of the show he would have worked on.

Others that I know simply swallowed their pride and did it.

There are libertarians and conservatives both in the entertainment industry- just mostly in support roles- i.e. the jobs where you work hard. A common example is armorers and gun handlers, many of whom are NRA members and NRA certified instructors.

Just because you don't hear about us on the news doesn't mean we don't exist.


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