30 August 2006

Somewhere a Drill Sergeant is smiling.

I've wanted an AR-15 for 16 years- ever since I was in Army Basic. I've decided top build a CA-legal AR-15 and to that end I did a trade for an AR upper.

Got it from FedEx last night (FedEx delivered it at 8:36 PM) and looked at it a little.

Today, I sat down and stripped and cleaned the upper. Still knew how to take it apart, still knews where all the 'dirty spots' are. Used mostly CLP, but needed Hoppes in a few persistent places. Now its clean.

Note to previous owner: Sir, your weapon did not pass inspection... :)

Somewhere, at least one of the three DIs I had in Basic are smiling.


Blogger Glenn Bartley said...

I was never in the military, yet it made me smile too. Nice to think that you can still own one of these in the libtard state of kommiefornia.

10:39 AM PDT  
Blogger Draven said...

Well, sorta.

I have to pin the magazine into the rifle so it requires a tool to get out.

Ridiculous, but like i said, I've waited on getting one long enough

Boy, coming up with posts can be a slow process...

1:49 PM PDT  

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