11 September 2006

That day...

Many other people have written about it, but I haven't yet.

On the morning of 9/11/2001, I had just finished a deadline project, and was sleeping late. My roommate had seen the tower collapse on television as he left for work. He left the TV on very loud and I came out into the living room ticked off the TV was left on so loud...

...And stood there and watched them replay the collapse of the towers.

I was horrified... But, with complete honesty, I wasn't shocked. I had expected that spending eight years contemplating the lint in our belly buttons mean that we were in for something- I was relieved when the planned December 31,1999 attacks were stopped.

Unlike many Americans, I've read a significant chunk of the Koran. I've read the passages that insist nonbelievers must be converted at the point of a sword. When Osama Bin Laden made his statements about his intent, I believed him. Many Americans did not.

The attacks on 9/11 killed three thousand Americans- funny, all the news sources are still quoting different numbers- including 343 policemen and firefighters who went into the World Trade Center with the intent of rescuing people.

We went into Afghanistan and Iraq to root out terrorists and the states that support them. Whatever the reasons for going into Iraq, there is one certain end benefit- the 'Iraqi insurgents', primarily (95%) non-Iraqis recruited by Al Queda- are fighting our military THERE, instead of fighting our military and police and civilians HERE.

Al-Queda constantly threatens to attack American interests within the United States. I believe that if we weren't engaging them on two other fronts- Iraq and Afghanistan- that we'd be fighting them here. I may be a gunnie, a marksman, a rifleman- but I'd prefer to NOT have to be called up in an activation of the unorganized militia to fight terrorists.

If even only 10% of them came here, we'd still be dealing with what, 5,000 terrorists?

Anyone that thinks that terrorists can't find their way across the southern border is a fool.

Anyone that thinks NICS checks would stop them from getting firearms- when a full auto AK costs $50 in Pakistan- is a fool.

Anyone that thinks that a 'coyote' wouldn't take a quarter million dollars to bring eight or so men of middle eastern descent across the southern border... Well, you get the point.

Terrorists can still get their hands on that kind of money. Terrorists can still get here. Terrorists can still get weapons into the country.

When United 93 came out, many of the 'man on the street' interviews done by local Los Angeles TV stations, people were saying, "Its too soon to be reminded about the 9/11 attacks."

Its never 'too soon'. If you're already trying to forget, then you need to be reminded. Some people, from the way they talk, need to be reminded every day.

I woke up on 9/12/01 with the realization, every day from here on is a gift. This realization was heavily influential in my decision to return to college. It also influenced my more recent decisions to become a gun owner again, and to teach my skills and knowledge- both firearm and non-firearm- to others.

See, I live in Los Angeles with my wife. We were already engaged on 9/11, and we were married on 11/10/01- two months after 9/11. My wife is from the Boston area. We were married in the Boston area. I flew from Los Angeles to Boston two weeks before we were married. There was a palpable feeling on those flights... We all knew what could happen.

Al-Queda figured that the attacks would demoralize us, that we would cave in to whatever new demands they made. They were, by any measure of the term, very wrong. Many of us- myself included- became more motivated and dedicated than we were before the attacks. Even today, Al-Queda overestimates the effect of- let's call it 'the Vietnam Legacy'- and underestimates our determination and motivation.

To those we have lost in the fight:

We will remember your sacrifice.
We will continue the fight.

Because we must win, or all is lost.


Blogger Glenn Bartley said...

Well said, now get back to blogging, we need more of pieces like these from you.

11:42 AM PDT  
Blogger Draven said...

edited for a clarification.

Thanks for the complements. Unofortunately, with this gig I have time to post once or twice a week.

5:01 PM PDT  
Blogger Isaac PC said...

Any terrorist that tries something funny in my neck of the woods will get a rude awakening. I am a firm believer in neighborhood militias, in the event of domestic Islamic terror threats.

There are 80,000,000 armed Americans, and we have enough guns to arm the other 220,000,000. The terrorists will run out of young, brainwashed punks before we run out of armed milita.

Stand strong. Do not forget. Do not forgive.

7:27 PM PDT  
Blogger Draven said...

Unfortunately, the government here in CA does not believe in that. To get proper 'militia' weaponry here (as stated in the militia act, of the type issued to soldiers) we end up with AR-15s with a ten-round magazine pinned in to the rifle, or an SKS. M-1 Carbines, Marlin Camp Carbines, all with ten-round mags.

I severely doubt that the LAPD and LASD can cover for the six million or so residents of Los Angeles. throw a thousand armed terrorists into the Los Angeles basin and watch the police officers disappear.

Why would they target Los Angeles? Because unlike many other counties in 'free states', L.A. County, with a population of six plus million, has around 1300 people with liscences to carry concealed. Thus, in any public place, pdds are that if whatever few officers they see are taken care of, no one else will be capable of resisting them.

9:13 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Its never 'too soon'. If you're already trying to forget, then you need to be reminded. Some people, from the way they talk, need to be reminded every day."

It's too soon for the MainSlimeMedia that wants us to forget. That commie bastion of Hollywood was churning out patriotic "flagboilers" within 3 months of Pearl Harbor. "Wake Island", with Brian Donlevy came out in the summer of 1942 before anyone knew what actually happened when the Japanese conquered the island.
This refers back to an idea I had on theothersideofkim where I asked if Hollywood would have been more tepid in its response had Herr Hitler not attacked the beloved Soviet Union 6 months before the Japanes attacked Pearl Harbor, helping the American Communists to see the danger in National Socialism.

Too soon indeed.

"journalist". Rope. Necktie pattern. Tree.
Some Assembly required.

3:39 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to get myself domiciled in Kern County. The Sheriff there is generous with the CCP's and my friends there wrote letters for each other. I just got to do this before they all die off.

3:41 PM PDT  
Anonymous Windy Wilson said...

How did those last two come out anonymous? I clicked the "other" button and typed my name each time?
Windy Wilson

3:43 PM PDT  
Blogger Draven said...

Windy, I've heard that the current OC Sherriff thinks 'frequent shooter' is a good reason to be issued a CCW.

Sorry i can't go shooting this weekend, I've got work to finish.

3:58 PM PDT  

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