11 October 2006


For those not up on 'Net abbreviations, this little gem stands for "Ahhh Geez, not this shit again!"

For those wondering what I'm babbling about, an hour or so ago a small plane smacked into an apartment building in New York City.

The FBI says there is no indication of it being a terrorist attack, most of the people got out, but its still burning.

And NORAD still scrambled some jets. As a note, if its such a small plane, then a fighter would have trouble tracking it and shooting it down, wouldn't they? (honest question)

(for those interested, the plane was just off the VFR flight corridor near the East River)

Two whole lives have been lost.

More data as their is more useful data.

Edit: But hey, its a hi-rise fire. ArchiTECHS is on tonight. It is about helping fight hi-rise fires... (shameless plug)

Update: Well, it looks like the New York Yankees lost one of their pitchers. It was, apparently, him, in his plane.

05 October 2006


I did some animation recently for a show for the History Channel called ArchiTECHS. Its sort of a' thinking man's Monster Garage'- they assemble a think tank for each episode, and the think tank is given 48 hours to come up with as many solutions to the problem as they can.

This epsode is about ways to help firefighters fight fires in skyskrapers- or ways for people in burning skyskrapers to get out. The show is appropriate for children above oh, about 8, moderately educational, and kinda cool. Watch it and let me know what you think.